PF: 1 Lump, 2 Lumps…

8 01 2010

Our mattress was getting a little lumpy.  More precisely, we had 2 people shaped dips in our mattress despite turning and flipping it over the years.  So we finally decided to buy a new one.  A CA King memory foam mattress (Yay! for Costco sales).  Woot!

Chris made our new bed frame since we needed a platform bed.  Hopefully he’ll do his own post on the making of the bed cause I think it’s pretty cool.  I like my furniture plain Jane.  Fancy shmancy isn’t really my style.  Chris did a great job.

Makua “helping” build the frame.



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8 01 2010

So y’all like the memory foam??? One thing I would suggest about sleeping on your side is to buy some kind of pillow to put between your legs, and a memory foam pillow to put your head on. Its what I do. I love love love it!

8 01 2010

PS Pleasssse! Upload more videos of Makua!!!

8 01 2010

I have had to sleep with a pillow between my knees since Sarah was born! What a pain, but no other way to sleep without pain. Tell Chris he did a beautiful job! Love the memory foam…both my girls recently put a memory foam pad on their beds and I had one on my old mattress for a while.

9 01 2010

I remember having hip joint pain when I was pregnant, but I’m glad it’s gone away. Maybe I’ll try sleeping with a body pillow or something.

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