12 in 2012

29 01 2012

Washington DC LDS Temple

One of the challenges we have given the YW this year is to attend the temple at least once a month.  The original idea was to go to 12 different temples in 2012, but even living in Utah that may be a lofty goal.   Our YW President felt it was better to focus on actually going to the temple than trying to get to a different one every month.  I don’t often have the opportunity to do baptisms with the girls because they go on Friday afternoons, but I want to try and go once a month.  I’ve been really bad about attending the temple lately.  No excuses on my part since there are 4 temples within a 20 minute (or less) drive from my house.  I know.  We are spoiled here.  I do want to try to go to a few different temples this year.

This month I went to the Jordan River Temple and I’m thinking that will be the temple I attend most often.  You can’t beat sessions every 20 minutes.

Good-bye 2011

1 01 2012

If I could sum 2011 up in one word, it would be “quiet.”  Nothing spectacular happened. We didn’t experience too much drama.  It was an ordinary year.  I’m not complaining by any means.  Quiet and ordinary is good.  Here are the highlights of our quiet year:

  • We took our first family vacation by airplane to Washington to attend Cousin Dave’s wedding.  It was fun and fabulous.
  • A lot of family and friends stayed with us throughout the year for varying periods of time.
  • Makua and I took a mini vacation to visit family and friends in Idaho.
  • Chris lost his job at the end of June, but thankfully found another one less than a month later.  At the end of December (after spending 2 months on a grueling application process), he started another new job.  I guess in regards to Chris’ career,his year has been anything but quiet.

I think the excitement of Chris’ year was starting this new job a few weeks ago.  He can add his 2 cents if he wants to, but it seems like a pretty cool company to work for.  Plus they deal with food.  And we all know how much I love food.  They have offices in the UK and NY as well.  Maybe I could tag along if Chris ever has to go out east for a business trip.  He’s also been busy building a new entertainment console.  I think it turned out nice.

I’ve mostly been busy with my calling at church.  I also teach Makua’s preschool once a month.  I started back up with Zumba after quitting the gym.  A girl teaches free classes every Saturday at our stake center which is fun.  She also teaches a PiYo class which I really enjoy.  That’s pretty much what I’m up to other than the every day house stuff.

Makua loves to read and can read basic stuff on his own though he doesn’t quite get all the phonics rules yet.  He’s also obsessed with maps.  He will sit and look at maps for forever.  He’s developed quite the stranger anxiety which comes in handy sometimes, but I’m tired of him ignoring people when they talk to him.

We hope you all enjoyed the holidays with your loved ones and that 2011 was good to you.  Here’s to an awesome 2012…woot!


23 10 2011

This summer I got the Little Rascals movie (the 1994 version) on Netflix.  Makua thought it was the most hilarious thing ever.  He loves quoting the movie which isn’t always a good thing.  His favorite is “Dear Darla, I hate your stinkin’ guts….” :P

Earlier this month he decided he wanted to dress up as a robot.  I was going to make the costume out of some boxes we had in the basement, but Makua didn’t last in his preliminary costume for 2 minutes.  So I had to ditch our robot plans at the last minute (we had our church Halloween party on the 21st which is a bit early, but oh well).  Alfalfa was the simplest costume I could think of given the stuff we had.  I just went to the consignment store and bought a bowtie and some suspenders.  I thought he was a pretty cute Alfalfa.  I need to work on my freckle making though.

funny, funny, funny

19 10 2011

Like all kids, Makua says funny things.  I usually forget to write them down.  Yesterday was an especially cute saying day.  Here are my favorites:

Makua: Who is Uncle Pono’s wife?

Me: Uncle Pono doesn’t have a wife.

Makua: Well, he needs to get him one of those.

Me: Uncle Pono shouldn’t have a wife.

Makua: How come?  He’s as big as you.

Me: Um, size doesn’t really determine if you should get married or not.

Makua looked at me like he was thinking, whatever mom.

We were getting ready to go to his community art class and I reminded him that he would be painting.  I asked him what he was going to paint.  This was his response…

Makua: I’m going to paint a picture of myself.  Then I’m going to a paint a picture of the baby.

Me: What baby?

Makua: The baby in your tummy.

Me: I don’t have a baby in my tummy.  It’s just fat.

Makua: Well, we can go to the hospital and they can put a baby in your tummy.  Then they can take it out and we can bring it home.

It was Makua’s turn to say the prayer at dinner.  He said his typical prayer, but added this little gem.  “Thank you I get to go to Ainsley’s house tomorrow.”  He was super excited to go to his friend’s house for playdate today.

I need to work on writing down these funny things he says.  He continually cracks me up and sometimes I’m amazed at his thought process.

May 2011

21 06 2011

Apparently I didn’t take too many pictures in May. This was from Makua’s reward trip to Chuck E. Cheese for finally busting the potty training rut.

May began the steady stream of visitors we’ve had this spring/summer. Cousin Dave and Sebrina came to stay with us at the beginning of the month, followed by Makamae a few days after they left. Makamae stayed with us for a few weeks and I think it rained most of the time she was here so we didn’t do much. Actually, it rained a lot in May. At least it seemed like it did.

Mother’s Day was fun. I got a handy dandy gift certificate to Massage Envy that I haven’t used yet. I also got Just Dance 2 which is quite fun and a speedminton set which is awesome, but no one will play with me. This year was Makua’s first time singing with the Primary in sacrament meeting. It was very cute. He decided to start dancing while he was up there which was embarrassing and adorable all at the same.

And that was our May. Visitors. Mother’s Day. And rain.

April 2011

30 05 2011

Yeah…the last day of May is tomorrow. I thought I’d put up April’s update before I got too behind. These past 2 months have been a bit of a blur. I’m probably leaving something out. Oh well.

We enjoyed General Conference the first weekend of the month. Makua did pretty good sitting and watching. There were lots of great talks that I felt answered some of my prayers.

I really wanted to see the spring flowers at Temple Square so we rode TRAX up there and wandered around the grounds and in the various buildings. Between my flower obsession and Makua’s desire to see every fountain around, we spent 5 hours on our feet. Makua was so tired at the end that he fell asleep on my lap riding the train home. We toured the Conference Center which Makua really enjoyed. We walked inside and he said, “This was on Conference!” We even got to go on the roof which I haven’t done in ages. Amazing what you can put on the roof of a building.

We had a little spring break from our neighborhood preschool so we also hit up Wheeler Farm. I’ve never been there before, but it was a nice park. Next time I’ll have to bring a picnic lunch and do some of the activities they have available. Makua loved running around in the “rainforest” as he calls any clump of trees.

Some of the ladies in my neighborhood do a girl’s night once a month and we went to the dry pack cannery in April. This was my first time ever and it was a lot more simple than I thought it would be. I did have concerns about cross contamination, so I’ll have to rent a canner and pack stuff just for Makua.

We spent Easter at home by ourselves.  I cooked up a ham feast Sanchez family style. Apparently Chris isn’t too big on food traditions. I decided to do an Easter basket for Makua this year. I try really hard to stay away from the commercialized side of holidays, but I don’t want Makua to feel like the odd man out.  I made sure to include a book about Easter in there.  We talked a little bit more about it after reading it.  We also  watched the Easter video the Church sent out with the Ensign years ago, but I think it was a little too intense for him.  We covered his eyes on some of the parts.  Little by little I guess.  As long as he doesn’t just think of Easter as a second Christmas, I’m okay with it.  He also went to his first Easter egg hunt put on by the Utah Food Allergy Network.  There was no candy involved and I think they did a great job of organizing it.  Makua had a fabulous time and enjoyed the little toys he got in the eggs.

Hope everyone’s enjoying their spring while it lasts.  Ours has been particularly cold and rainy.  I wouldn’t mind some nice, sunny days, but if it rains, then I don’t have to worry about watering the garden.

March 2011

5 04 2011

Some of the yummy treats from Cindy’s baby shower

March seems to have been party month. I threw a baby shower for my good friend Cindy the first weekend of the month. This was my first solo shower and I must say I’m glad that we had it at The Chocolate in Orem. I didn’t have to worry about the decorating, food or clean up which was great. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. The most popular treat was the pineapple coconut cupcakes. I definitely should have ordered more of those and I would recommend those if you ever happen to find yourself at The Chocolate.

Makua also went to 2 birthday parties and thoroughly enjoyed himself at both. I think he picked presents out based on whether or not he would be able to play with them when he went to their houses. :P We also had a family birthday shindig for Uncle Tim and went to another baby shower for my friend Trish (who’s having twins!).

True to form, spring weather is all over the place. Warm and sunny. Rainy. Snowy. Windy. We’ve run the gamut and I think it’s confusing Makua. :) The other day when it was nice and sunny enough to be running around in shorts he asked me if it was summer. Two days later it snowed about 6 inches. :lol: It’s already gone though so no big deal. I would be a bigger fan of spring if I didn’t have seasonal allergies. I am excited for spring and summer produce. We’re about appled out here.

the surprise daffodil we found in our backyard

At the beginning of the month, Makua and I headed up to Logan for a day trip to visit with friends and family. Whenever we go to Cache Valley, we end up just hanging out with family which isn’t bad, but we miss our friends too. Makua did great sitting through all my visiting. :) We had lunch with April at her house. Thank heavens she has toys. Then we headed to Caffe Ibis and visited with Trish for a little bit. His behavior there impressed me the most. He sat quietly for most of the time thanks to some treats and his magnadoodle. I thought for sure he would want to get down from his chair and run around and bug people. We also stopped to see a little boy (who’s not little anymore- he’s in middle school now :P ) I used to tutor when I went to USU. I haven’t seen him since I quit working with him unfortunately, but it was fun visit with his mom and see how well he’s doing. We ended the night with dinner with Auntie Julie and Grandma Jeanie. Makua always loves to visit grandma and grandpa. He was pretty wiped at the end of the day and promptly fell asleep after we hit the road back to Salt Lake.

From hat and sweats to shorts and no shoes! Yay for crazy UT spring weather.


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